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Donate | Families for Justice As Healing


From the website:

At Families for Justice as Healing (FJAH) we organize formerly incarcerated women to join the movement toward creating alternatives to mass incarceration. Our membership advocates for community wellness, with women as a focus, and rejects the current U.S. drug policies that prioritize criminalization and incarceration. We believe that if we are serious about eradicating drug related illness, crime and violence we must commit to the evidence based solutions that address poverty, addiction and trauma.”

This is a group that I personally have been working with for over a year now. They do incredible work with almost no funding (they are constantly shut down for grants and funding). Despite the bullshit they face, they managed to open up an community organizing center in Roxbury, MA. Basically, I cannot emphasize enough how incredible this organization is and important it is to Boston communities that they exist. That being said, they really need help if they are going to keep their space!  Members of FJH have put everything on the line for their work and they need our  help to keep doing it! Please donate if you can or share widely throughout your networks. 

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